Environmental Organization Calls for Province Wide Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

Toxic Free Canada is calling on the provincial government to ban cosmetic pesticides. Without provincial legislation retailers continue to sell dangerous pesticides even in municipalities where bylaws prevent use of those products.

“Until the province enacts cosmetic pesticide legislation, stores like Canadian Tire will continue to sell products that negatively impact human and environmental health,” says Toxic Free Canada campaigner Emily-Anne Paul. “Even though many municipalities have bylaws preventing the use of these products, without provincial laws against it retailers can continue to sell them.”

Over thirty municipalities across British Columbia have already acted to ban cosmetic pesticides. They join two Canadian provinces, Ontario and Quebec, in recognizing the negative impact of these products and are acting to protect their communities and the environment. However, without provincial legislation in BC aimed at preventing the sale of these cosmetic pesticides municipal bylaws have little effect.

Cosmetic pesticides, those used to kill unwanted plants such as dandelions and other weeds, contain many active ingredients that are classified as human carcinogens, reproductive toxins, endocrine-disrupting chemicals or neurotoxins. These chemicals have negative impacts on the environment when they travel through groundwater and storm drains into rivers and oceans, and on human health, especially children who are the most venerable to exposure.

“Toxic Free Canada is calling on the provincial government enact a legal prohibition on the use and sale of cosmetic pesticides as soon as possible,” concludes Paul. She also encourages the public to learn more about what Toxic Free Canada is doing to raise awareness about cosmetic pesticides to visit our website.

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