Pesticide Legislation

There is compelling scientific evidence that common cosmetic pesticides contain chemicals harmful to human health and the environment. Toxic Free Canada has recommended that the British Columbia government follow the example of Ontario and Quebec and ban the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides.

To help move this public policy forward, Toxic Free Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society retained the University of Victoria’s Environmental Law Centre to prepare made-in-BC stand-alone model pesticide legislation. The highlights of this legislation are:

  • Does not apply to agricultural uses
  • Contains a schedule of permitted low-risk pesticides, starting with the PMRA bio-pesticide list, and adds other low-risk pesticides, as approved by an independent multi-stakeholder council
  • Applies to all private property including residential and industrial uses
  • Permits municipalities to pass stronger cosmetic pesticide bylaws, as they have done in passing smoke-free bylaws
  • Mandates a phase-out period for golf courses
  • Mandates a public awareness and education campaign.

There could be excepted uses such as managing pests related to forestry, and uses related to the preservation and promotion of public health and safety. View the full legislation

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